When a guy calls an actress pretty in front of you?

It didn't bother me because I agreed with him. She is a very beautiful actress, no doubt about it.
But did he say that just to make me feel jealous or what? It didn't work.


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  • He probably said it just because he thinks she's pretty. I'm in a relationship and talk about my celebrity crush sometimes lol but not because I want to make y gf jealous... just because it's my crush.

    Who was he talking about? I'm curious.

    • Rosamund Pike, we were watching Gone Girl lol

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    • She is very pretty! I agreed with him aha

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • He said it because she is pretty. Women don't stop being pretty just coz a guys is in a relationship

    • well said! haha girls often think there is some sort of hidden agenda behind every word.

  • Not necessarily, he was probably just saying she was pretty, nothing more than that.


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