How to impress a girl?

I don't have girlfriend in my last 25years. I need girl for good relationship. How to impress a girl.

Thanks. For ur comments...


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  • I'm not sure if impressing a girl is what your really looking for, you are more or less asking what do I need to get back into the dating game, am I right?
    Well, I am sure your going to hear it a lot and in every corner of the internet but what you need is confidence.
    You need to go out there and find women who become attracted to you through who you are and not by some over-the-top act.
    Be comfortable of who you are, do interesting things to make great stories, put yourself together well (hygiene/clothing), have conversations that are light/humorous/fun. That will at least get your foot in the door. Dont take things too seriously man, good luck!


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  • Different girls are impressed by different things.

    For me its:

    *high-profile-bad-boy-alpha-men on loop.
    *godlike confidence
    *above average athletic physical fitness
    *artistic creativity
    *a love for danger
    *a passion for anarchy
    *booming outspoken arrogance
    *black tribal or black self designed tattoos
    *body piercings
    *a love of hiking + trekking + technical mountaineering
    *a love of surfing and the surf coast
    *extremely well travelled
    *a fellow lover of all things "indie"

  • Be kind, be respectful, and be interested.

    And confident.

    Guys don't realize that this shit is so important, they just throw it aside.

    Even the ugliest guys can get a girl in a short amount of time with just this stuff.

    • I agree with this.

      Simple, and well explained. ^.^

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