When do you know that your relationship is in jeopardy?

Ever since my boyfriend got a job he has been so moody and really aggressive. I never seen him so angry until now. Last few weeks he has pushed me against the wall pinning my down not allowing me to move or breath. He would grab my face and slam it into the wall or floor. He has also been under fire with his family because they refuse accept his best.

He is acting like this due to stress. I am clueless about how to snap him out of this because this behavior he has shown me isn't really who he is. He's normally a sweet gentle guy who loves me so much and never wanted to hurt me.


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  • well, the fact that is he slowly changing in this way is a sign. not that ur relationship is in danger, but that he as a character, cannot handle hardship very well and still smile with you.
    you need to calm him down. tell him to just talk to u instead of well... doing... that. i mean it can be sexy but with passion, not anger lol.

    sit him down, take him out and just let him chill. make him feel comfortable enough to just break down on ur shoulder and let it all out so he can return to himself again.

    if, despite all this, he just doesn't, then you know there's more to it, and u may have to make the hard decision of leaving hun.


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  • thats called abuse drop him! it is passed jeopardy and now it is dangerous
    if you want press charges do it but leave now and get a restraining order
    god bless and good luck

  • I don't know, but you sound like a really dumb woman who is clueless and oblivious to almost everything. It may not be his job, or family. You might just really annoy him. Your question annoys me just on the surface because it betrays a mind that has no awareness of anything.

    • Your answer doesn't help one bit. How about this don't attack the asker. You have no clue to what's going on. If you don't have anything helpful or nice to say don't bother answering.

    • Well, he held you down in strangle postures and you're still at the "my goodness, what could be wrong?" level and not the "I'm living with a bat shit crazy maniac and should run!" level, it goes far to demonstrate my basis thesis here, which is 1) You are oblivious, and 2) you are, in fact, dumb.

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  • That isn't average abuse it's way way worse. That's not stress sweetheart that is a very dangerous guy showing you that side of him. I would leave.

  • That has nothing to do with his job he's just abusive

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