Advice on a date with a guy?

My friends set up a date with a guy. We had a wonderful evening, we chatted for about 4hours. We laughed, discussed general things in life, he told me about his life, how he views marriage etc . We had a few "moments" as well- told me I'm beautiful, he even at one stage said "can I just stare at you?" After the date, he kissed, hugged and said good night.
I sent him a Thanku text and his reply was " thanks babe, was awesome"
And I didn't hear from him again? Do u think he could be interested? It's been 24hrs since our meeting. I do not want to contact him.


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  • Woah. Slow down there missy. 24 hours? Give the man some space. If he thinks the same about you as you do him, he'll call, and soon. If you haven't heard anything after another 2 days, just treat it as a good time.


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