How can I tell him how I really feel?

He asked me if I have a boyfriend, asks how I am and about my plans, sat opposite me a couple of times, when my friend joked how her other guy friend was into me the guy I like said "ooh... are you interested?' like he was jealous.
He even called me recently not just once but three times on my mobile.
He got my number while we were doing a project together in class so we could message each other about it but we have been getting closer for over 2 years now.
But he denied calling me 3 times, he said it was just a pocket call and when I was out with my friends he said it again how it was just an accident in front of everybody.
And lately he has liked a few of my fb posts.
How can I tell him how I feel?


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  • You and he have been nursing and nurturing this Friendship for 'Over 2 years now' and still counting, ArielMermaid01, and with this, you have been making all the right moves and grooves with him, he is still in the running and even to the point Now Where-----Like he was jealous.
    Continue to be this juicy apple getting closer the top of the tree hardest to grab. He is enjoying the challenge, is favoring the Chase. You both 'Have been closer,' which is Koshor in my book, however, No one has made this Move to ask one another to hang out some night to Be-----Closer, face to face, finding out more if in store. You haven't been clingy, desperate or needy.
    He may be waiting for you, perhaps you have been waiting for him, I don't know. But whatever reason for whatever season that keeps passing you both by, sweetie, "You snooze, you lose" is what I call two ships that Finally pass each other in the dead of night...
    Don't let this happen. You aren't this anchor to him, he is showing you his Own Feelings by giving subtle helpful hints and no hymning and hawing about it. But what I do see on my end with no Denying it, he may be 'Calling me 3 times' with an excuse in his Back pocket because he was Trying to get his own point Across-----He really likes you but may be a bit of this shy guy.
    Take the initiatve yourself an dask him to hang out sometime. Find out once in for all where the ball lies and if you and him have been dribbling in bits and pieces to get to this 'Point' where there could be----More in store.
    Actions speak louder than words. Ask him to hang out. If he accepts, take things slow from there. You would have doine these Moves in baby steps, reaching the next level of 'Date mate.' Silence is golden with saying anything with what is in your heart. He might grow cold duck feet and this will fly south in a heartbeat. Do your bird's eye view further by approaching him and broaching the subject to see if you Might just be these two birds of a feather.
    Good luck. xx