This girl seems to be shy. What should I do?

There is this girl in college with whom I am trying to become friends. Actually I sort of have a crush on her. She talk to me in college greets me when she sees me, I also got her number very easily and in the most casual manner. Whenever I text her, she will give me reply to every texts. But the problem is that I feel she is not able to open up with me further when we talk face to face in college. Most of the times when I text her, she gives me more sort of a closed ended reply. Once whole texting her I sort of got a feeling that she is wanting to open up. Anybody who has faced the same problem, please help me. I really want to be a trustable friend of hers before I can actually start to impress her. PLEASE HELP.

I need some serious answers. PLEASE.


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  • Just keep talking to her


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