Is it normal for Autistic/Aspie guys to have a low standard on life?

Since Asperger's syndrome is WORSE than cancer?

And no I will never stop whining!

And I won't get a puppy or any pet!

And I WILL NEVER turn gay!

And I won't stop complaining about how hard dating is!

Life is unfair!!!


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  • I'm actually happy you've decided not to get any pets. I approve of that.


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  • I'm just here for the Xper point.

    • Well, I may be a slut, but at least I can get someone. Can you say the same?

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    • @Asker Why are you angry at "sluts" when it's ordinary women not wanting to sleep with you that seems to be the problem. Sluts should be a good thing from your perspective, they're girls who value sex in and of itself and don't necessarily need all the emotional stuff you seem to struggle with.

    • And paying for sex is an accomplishment for an Autistic because most of us don't work full time jobs and suffer discrimination from non-Autistics. Hookers are the answer! Girls are the cancer!

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  • Life is unfair!!! Yes, it is.
    First the bad news: life is like a bucket of poop. You gotta eat two spoonfuls of it daily at least.
    Now the good news: there's more than enough for everyone, you included.