Why is he calling me his girlfriend already?

We've only known each other for 3.5 weeks, text each other everyday, hung out three times and on our third hangout he was asking if he should tell this other girl that has been hitting on him that he already has a girlfriend. He was asking me what I should say, I said to tell her that's she's being "inflated at the moment and I'm getting a little lightheaded" and he's like fine "I'll tell her I have one" and I was like what? I meant that he has a blowup doll for a girlfriend, not me. He's asking if it's not true and I said "it is what it is", I meant that what he believes is what he believes and I believe what I believe. What do I do?


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  • just say that you are not boyfriend and girlfriend until you have both had that talk and agreed on it. he was probably telling u that story as an indirect way to ask you where you two stand

    • So you're saying that he was joking around with me? He had the tendency to do that haha

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    • okay well that's your choice. if he really wants to know im sure he will bring it up again soon and that's when you talk about it

    • ooh thank you for most helpful! I hadn't thought you agreed with me. Hope it works out!

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  • He's too eager and probably inexperienced to know any better

    • He says he's expirienced and he talks about a lot of his exes... I told him he was sneaky and I knew what he was up to. Only saying it's true of him if it is for me... Do I say no, we are friends and nothing more?

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