Is it morally wrong or unfair to misrepresent yourself in the initial stages of dating?

So we're always told be yourself or be honest but most people agree that what people are attracted to does not always make sense (stereotypes of guys only seeing looks and girls falling for jerks only).

I'm asking is it ok to misrepresent yourself in those early stages of dating. This would include:

- Delaying responding to texts when you've no reason to,
- Acting less interested than you really are,
- Saying you "just want to have fun" when really you're looking for a proper relationship,
- Pretending to be a tough guy when actually you're more sweet or romantic,
- Downplaying the impact a past relationship has had on you.

Are all of these ok or are they all unfair? Are some of them wrong?

Also, is a little bit of 'misrepresentation' necessary?


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  • Nope because when they find out who you really are they will most likely loose interest and if you were just yourself that person may have liked you but by that time its too late and most likely will not trust you again


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  • Outright lying is immoral. Puffing yourself up a bit, or not revealing tons of information about yourself, is OK.

  • It is lying.

  • It's not going to help you, so why bother?

    • It could help someone to 'get their foot in the door' so to speak.

    • But that foot in the door is based on lies, so you'll still slide downhill.

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