Do you think dating too early or rushing love can have negative effects on your life later?

The title says it all...

Do you think dating at too young of age, or trying to just rush into love, can have negative effects on peoples lives/love lives later on in life?

Idk, just wondering? I'm 19 and I'm wanting to be in a relationship, I never have had a Girlfriend or really been on a date, never had my first kiss, and I have never really felt like I'm ready for a relationship. I don't really want to rush things... I don't have any sort of experience really in dating, so getting a date seems very hard.

I'm starting to feel ready, but all I see is a lot of very sexual relationships with kids my age... I don't operate that way, Love not lust. I want to save myself for the right girl. I want to make sure I'm mature enough in all areas before getting into a relationship.

I just want to know if rushing into a relationship can somehow negatively effect peoples lives, and if my approach to them has any sort of benefit on my life...



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  • I think you answered your own question... IN THE QUESTION. You said it yourself, rushing or starting too early are simply not good things in ANY subject. Take your time feel right about things. Make friends find someone that's right for you, it may take more than one Girlfriend but no matter what don't rush anything. It's still possible to date and make mistakes before you find the "one" it doesn't mean that just because you're dating that you HAVE to have sex.

    • I know... but its just like I don't know if I can like find a girl that will appreciate what I have to offer.

      I know that girls like sex as much as guys and I just don't know if I could find a girl nowadays that would be willing to wait for me (if things worked out). Honestly I don't really mind if my Girlfriend was a virgin or not, I would prefer it, but I just want someone that makes me happy. But idk, any girl I've tried pursuing lately tells me I'm "too good" for them and I don't understand why

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    • I mean, yes I have my religious beliefs and such, but I keep quite about them, I don't force them on anybody, and I don't want a girl that is like "too overly religious" either... I wasn't brought up to be super religious, but I believe what I believe. I do have these values and such I will uphold. But I want someone who can be a religious person, but still knows how to have fun and isn't so uptight like some religious people are about things in the real world.

    • The sad thing is you're already a rare person in the world, and you're looking for someone equally as rare. This means it's either going to take a good long time to find that person or you have to compromise somewhere along the line. By "compromise" I don't mean "have sex" obviously, I just mean you have to keep looking, maybe start off with friends with someone for a while letting them know your views until they get used to them and can see themselves in a relationship with you.

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  • Ah yea!

  • Yeah. I noticed that some people who started dating early are a little messed up now.

    I don't mean 3rd grade "check yes or no do you like me" and holding hands, I mean in middle school trying to have serious relationships and getting sexual.

    That's pretty extreme. I have noticed that people tend to get burned out and jaded earlier. Thus their relationships today are shallow and/or dysfunctional.

    I think your relationship approach is actually very good. People like you seem like they will get married fairly young and live happily. Not have a string of different kids and STDs and a negative outlook on the opposite sex. You mentioned that you are religious. I think you should pray on it and God will send the right girl for you, you deserve it. Keep being the way you are.


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  • You should never rush something as serious as a relationship though many do at a young age. You have to make sure to get to know the person first before you commit to each other. Just because others are doing something doesn't mean you should do it.

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