Girls: What makes you lose interest in a guy?

If I have a crush on someone very lovely and at the party you gave a high five to her and said "dude how's it going? do well on the performance" and she didn't respond just shown a reacted like she does not care prior to the party, I saw her at the elevator and she gave me a high five and I did not respond because i don't want my colleagues to know i'm hitting on her

she's with his boyfriend that night and friends
if the girl finds out your a boring and awkward person will that explain her actions that night by the way she is with his bf and friends that day.


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  • Number 1 reason ALWAYS NEGATIVE, I like to have positve influences around me and I can't stand negativity it is depressing and drives me nuts... Yes a bad week or day happens completely understandable, but if a guy tells me he tried to run his car into the lake... later... Yes I have had that happen


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  • UHHHH if he reciprocates feelings, then i'm out.

  • It just happens, there's no reason behind it. Sometimes you can't help it but lose interest

    • if you were in my situation since you are a girl would you do that because you've discovered that i'm a shy and awkward person or you found out that I were into you and your just trying to brush me off

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  • Western women can lose interest easily in their youth since they get so much attention and they are attention whores. Once they hit their 30s, however, most of them become sexually invisible to men. That is when they have no choice but to get a few cats for company... lol

    • so based from her actions even though this girl is with her bf that night would you recommend that I completely back off its her facial expression that makes me confused