Would you be put off by girl hugging your boyfriend tightly around his neck? Is it normal?

We were at my boyfriend's brother's party and an old friend of his walked in. She immediately set her sites on him and grabbed him around the neck he let go of my hand, hugged her with both arms. There, she continued to sit closely with her knees pointing towards him. He of course introduced me as his girlfriend. She didn't stay long maybe about twenty minutes, but no matter how hard I tried he wouldn't get up to sit with me, so I sat next to him. She stopped talking...

Later at brunch, he asked if I was jealous, so I admitted that I was. He came out and said that was the girl that he was really in love with during high school, but rejected him. Somehow I could tell. He said that it was kind of cute that I got jealous, but how could I not when someone sets off radars like that. I've never been jealous, but this was different I could tell. She's blocked on Facebook and everything... Still this entire experience was very eye opening and kind of laughable, because he could tell. :P

I should mention my boyfriend was very high, so I don't know if that had to do with the hug, but it's whatever -.-


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  • No you shouldn't be jealous, whats wrong with him giving her a hug?

    • It was her. Like what the fuck is this random girl jumping on my boyfriend, why is he holding her like that.

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  • No no no how he would feel if it was the other way around?

    • He doesn't... I don't like guys touching me.