Are shy self conscious girls attractive?

Are shy self conscious girls attractive. I've always been like this and am just curious as to what you guys think. I'm not a mute but I'm more quiet. I'm not really into wearing really sexy clothes just because wearing it makes me uncomfortable. I don't find myself particularly attractive. I get embarrassed easily. Just normal things self conscious people have. Do you find that attractive, please tell me why or why not


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  • Your probably a great genuine person to talk to because you hold none of the bullshit which comes with people who love there looks too much. There's nothing worse than a girl who is fit but knows it too well to herself and treats people like shit for that.

    I'd feel privileged to get to know a shy person cause I'd get a nice feeling that I would be someone they can talk to and feel comfortable around. That would be attractive to me.

    My best mate is a quiet person and he knows it himself.

    Tbf with shy people you know there real and think about what they say instead of just saying it... that's attractive


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  • Have you ever sought out a truly self-conscious man to settle down with because being constantly concerned about frivolous bullshit is hot?

    You just answered your own dumb fucking question. Don't waste our time with your diatribe; you know for a fact it's fucking worthless.

  • Yes! I'll take you over a loud outgoing girl any day!

  • No, they aren't. They're annoying. They are non-entities who don't even exist. Shy is dumb.


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