She has an amazing Poker Face?

I attempted to ask out a freshman girl named beck. She said that she'll see if she can go next week , but her reaction seemed vague especially because she was also wearing shades. Her friend had a bigger reaction than she did. A funny thing was we were in a Barnes and Noble and directly after she walked away i asked this gay couple looking for books who over heard how I should I should feel about it. And They said It's not like she said "no" but It's not like she said "yes" either , so I should feel hopeful. They also had to add on that she might misconstrue that I just want to hang out next week. What do you think about it. Does beck think i just want to hang out as friends or think it's a date. Should I have rephrased it? Should I be worried.


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  • Be slightly worried but not overly so.

    • Not the answer or advice I was looking for but okay.

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    • That made me smile so much

    • Good luck!

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  • What did you ask her to? I think any time a girl gets asked to the movies she understands it's a date but if you asked her "Hey wanna hang out?" She probably just thought you want to hang out.

    • I didn't ask her to any particular movie but we are generally on the same page with social media.

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    • Ha ha sorry man, so you thought the first thing I said was good but after that it was down hill lol

    • Yea it killed my vibe lol

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