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If you were in a relationship and had a friend that that was in love with you and you knew how would that make you feel. What should I do because I love a girl who is in a relationship and we're really good friends we talk a lot.


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  • You back off. Respect her choice to be in that relationship and don't mess with it. If she had feelings for you she would end her relationship and figure out what she wants but if she wants to be with her bf and you're just right there.. she'll either get uncomforable and start spending less time with you or end the friendship all together, or she'll take advantage of your feelings and use you or get attention from you when her bf isn't giving her any. You have to understand that the friendship isn't equal anymore and it's not a good idea to remain watching from the side-line, you will cause yourself endless pain and she may feel bad that she can't give you what you want. Best idea is to get some space so you can get over her or at the very leqst respect yourself enough to give her space to have her relationship without you there betting against it, she doesn't need that from a friend.


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