Do you find chasing or dating girls to be expensive?

I'm dating around 3-4 girls now. When I set up a first date, I try to do something interesting and fun. I find each date ends up being $100. We usually go to a bar afterwards. After we start dating, it isn't that bad.

Other guys, what's your experience?


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  • The girl usually insists on her paying her share, so no, I don't find it expensive. First dates I chose something simple (coffee, lunch. bubble tea). After all, my relationships are going to be enjoying food, conversation and her company. I'm not sure how you have the time for more than one girl, I have too much else going on in life to schedule that in. What happens when you hit exclusive mode, exactly? The one girl isn't gonna wanna be around you four times a week to make up for the gap in your life.

    • I don't plan them one day a week. Usually one per week.

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  • LOL where on earth are you taking them and why

    I would never spend that much or let a guy spend that much on me on the first date lmao he's pretty much a stranger.

    I don't spend more than 30 bucks for someone I don't know hahah!

    • Ice skating: $34. Movies = $25, drinks or appetizers = $50. I mean $100 / 2 = $50.

    • wow that's some effort you put in o_O must be the area, because movies are only 10 bucks here. And ice skating is free to about 20 bucks depending on whether you choose outdoors or indoors haha.

    • I live in California. There's no ice skating rinks except when they put it up for the holidays. Movies are $12 per person x 2 = $24.

  • Maybe you should cut it down to 2 girls? It's nice of you to pay the first 2 times but do they ever offer to pay half? Are you looking for a relationship or are you just trying to get laid?

    • Sometimes they offer. The first date I always consist, afterwards I usually let them pay. Some don't at all and say "that's the man's job".

      Not sure, I would like to have a casual relationship.

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    • Not for 7 months. Let's hang out for 2 months or so and see where it goes.

    • Well I never hanged out with him 7 months straight but we talk.

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  • You're dating 4 girls? You don't find this deceptive or greedy?
    In any case, if I could get dates I would have input in this. But I can't because Anon is taking all the women.

    • I don't see how dating 4 girls is deceptive. Dating is not exclusive and usually does not include sex. It's just getting to know each other. It's not thd girls job to get him off

  • My dates are cheap! :D

    If... I had any. They were when I did! :D

    • What did you do?

    • I always did activities so it kept them entertained, played a few games, bonded, ate somewhere quick and basic, and then went about our lives. It was better than trying to force an hour at a bar or the deadly prison that is a dinner table.

  • It's expensive because you're going to bars. Drinking isn't cheap.

    • Of course. Or we can go to dinner which is more expensive. Usually I do some kind of activity like ice skating or similar.

    • True. I find drinks increase the bill exponentially if you aren't careful.

  • 100$ LOL! your like their own personal bank

    • $100 / 2 people = $50.

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    • On the chick or in general?

    • In general. If i get a gf, she can expect more though

  • Just pay seperately

    • Not on a first date.

    • Why not? It gets rid of the girls who feel entitled

    • Not if you'e asking her out. No, I disagree. Sure afterewards.

  • It's an expense. No matter what you're driving places using gas, eating out when you could be eating in, paying for a cell phone to maintain communication, going places and doing things that are "interesting" which cost money, etc. The reality is that most men can get by on next to nothing and have a load of fun with their boys without spending much money. The moment a girl is involved things become more expensive for no particular reason.

    • You are finding dates to be this expensive too, right?

    • I try to do free or next to free dates the most I can. There's no reason you should have to pay to get to know someone, but it always costs something... but yeah a date can easily cost $100+ for 2 people. For example:

      Zoo admission = $17.95 * 2 or,
      Art Museum admission = $12.00 * 2 or,
      Science Museum = $14 * 2 + IMAX = $9 * 2 or,
      Japanese Gardens = $15 * 2 or,
      Water Park = $39.99 * 2 or,
      Sports game ticket = $30-$150 * 2 or,
      Concert = $30-$150 * 2 or,
      1 hour of ski rixen = $25 * 2 or,
      The Fair ride bracelet = $15 * 2 or,
      Paint ball = $25 * 2 or,

      low cost meal at cheap chain restaurant = $9.59 * 2
      soda = $2.50 * 2
      With tax = $25.63
      Tip = $4

      Gas = $20

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