How to get him to ask me out on date/ or how can I ask him?

I met my best friends brother a year ago and we both were instantly attracted to each other. We ended ended up hooking up a month ago and having sex. The morning after was a little bit awkward because he was being shy which was cute. I messaged him after and we talked for a day or two. We haven't really talked since. But all my friends, includng his sister joke and say we should date/ are going to get married. what could i say to my friend to hint to him to ask me out? or should i message him again? I think something might be there, especially since it was all him initiating the hookup and him kissing me first and being super flirty

We live far from eachother


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  • Some guys don't get hints. Just ask him out.


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  • You sure he was just being "shy"? A lot of the times we try to convince our self that something is there when it's not. I mean it sounds to me like he has been avoiding you. If he was truly interested he wouldn't have let all this time go by without asking you out. I mean you two had sex for crying out loud. If that doesn't scream just an inkling of interest I don't know what does...

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