Is it love? what are these feelings?

how can I still be haveing such strong feelings for him. we have known eachother for years. 4 years ago he really liked me and wanted to be with me but I want ready to be in a relationship/had things going on so I rejected him, not in the nicest way. It took him a while to get over it but then we remained friends, but he always remained really flirty with me. A year and a half ago we ended up hooking up and having sex, where i think i got most feelings. We never ended up dating just hooking up. a few months after that he told me he had always liked me and still does. He said he sees a future with me and his plan is to marry. he said this when he was moving away. we didn't talk much when he was away but always aw eachother when he was back and ended up hooking up. He would always say he sees a future with me... he's coming home to visit in a week and im wondering if i should ask him about these feelings. I feel as if it might just be sexual/physical attraction, but i have had strong feelings for over a year and a half. I think him saying things like he sees a future with me etc and hooking up with me everytime he's home makes it harder for me to move on. He is the type of guy to say to many girls things like"love this girl" etc and he has a lot of friends that are girls.. I've tried not to hook up with him and was successful a few times but i usually give in. what are these feelings?

why can't I get rid of them


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  • Okay ask yourself if you can see yourself being with anyone else. If not then he could be the "one". I don't know much about this and you can tell by looking at my questions but this is what I have done.