Nervous about my first date!!!?

Hello peope I'm seriously freeking out here !!! Im going on my first date soon and i have no clue waht to do or what to say !!! I've never even kissed a guy before and this will be our first time meeting in person i just need some dating tips and advice to help me relax

Oh yea and he's meeting my mommy for the first time and im also nervous about that


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  • I say you got this, just be yourself and ask questions... what would you want to know about you? Well ask him... maybe write down topics, if your into sports talk about that, clothing, cars anything, but as I can tell you will be just fine. You'll show up and he will have loads to talk about, just feed off him, then when he stops asking questions then use those topics... talking about how funny your family is, is great conversation. So relax enjoy and it will happen organically, trust me, if not you can curse me out later... as far as the kiss, goes... nothing fancy, just a few pecks on the lips, that's it, nothing more on the first date.. got it! Okay chica, go and have fun on that date😁


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  • Just look pretty and be yourself. Be relaxed and this guy will like you


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  • Don't freak out, don't freak out!!

    One thing I always did on a first date was get there super early and get comfortable with my surroundings. Next, I'd ask him what he wore, but not tell him what I wore, so I'd get to spot him first :3 it helps calm you down when you finally see this guy, it gives you a head start on the first impression.

    Don't freak out, just be cool and collected. But don't appear as though you didn't want to come or aren't enjoying yourself. Because then he'll feel bad!

    Overall, if you like this guy, be yourself, and be happy :3 and if it doesn't go well, just be honest and go from there :3 good luck!

  • BREEEEATH girl. You got this! Just Try to keep a cool head and BE YOUR SELF. Remain confident in your self. The best way to attract a man is by being your confident outgoing self. He'll eat it up all night and come back for seconds.

    • Thanks im just scared because im not a talker and i dont want to sit in the car in silence im so weird and awkward when it comes to guys

    • I'd say the best way to counter that is to let him do the talking first. You gotta come out of that shell. I know easier said than done! However... just think of it this way. Better to say something silly and get a laugh out of you both than to be quiet all night leaving him thinking you're not interested. Trust me girl if he likes you he'll find everything you do awesome. You could throw up all over his pants by accident and he'd still think you're awesome. Seriously just relax and let the night happen naturally. The m ire you relax the more you become more comfortable to be your self.

    • Thanks... great advice

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