When to know it won't be just a book up?

So I have been hanging out with a guy for a few weeks now and we have acknowledge that we are both attracted to each other. We have not had sex yet, we kiss, make out and cuddle... I told him like a week ago I can't just have casual sex because I get attached. And at that time he said his heart was somewhere else and he couldn't do that to me. But now he is really trying hard to have sex. Will this just be a hook up or more? And how will I know? I don't want to lose our friendship but at the same time wouldn't mind seeing if there is more here. Help fast!!!

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  • He already told you his heart is somewhere else. If you're looking to get your heart stomped on, then sure, have sex with him.

  • find out where his heart is first! is it another woman, is it career goals? or something else? I wouldn't sleep with him until I had that answser... if it's another woman... no way, if it's career, then maybe you're being protected because he has not time to give to a relationhip... find out these things!

    • We both work WS CNAs at two different nursing homes. And he's working on his nursing degree... So we only have a few open says a week but we are together any chance we get free time. He has told me he want to see where this could go. But I'm worried he just saying that to get sex.

    • in that case, have sex with him. see where it goes!! you two are just experiencing a timing issue. have fun! :)

    • ALso, I'm saying from experience. almost the same scenario except mine was studying to be a doc... I have no regrets. we just don't have enough time for each other right now.