Honestly ladies, would you ever be able to turn an offer like this down?

I am constructing the ultimate plan win her back. I am taking the most outright bold approach i can think of and I am just shooting so far away from being subtle about it. I aiming to land just short of crossing the creepy line in which I believe to be the boldest range of charming. And her to gather your much appreciated feed-back...

Long story short, we got into a big fight and are in a grey area. Throughout our relationship I've often joked about how id sweep her offer her feet if i ever took her on a real 1st date. (too long to explain so just roll with me.) I left my sincerest of apologies after our fight and ended with "i"d love for you to consider letting me take you on that 1st date." Aka - A fresh start.

Here is my idea - 1. Send an official looking poster card via mail that says "you have been selected as bostons most eligible bachelorette and won our dream-date sweepstakes." Filled in with a description of a date itinerary:

2. "first date itinerary includes" - "ride service to/from all destinations. A luxurious beauty treatment fit for only a queen. Then brought to meet our other lucky winner for an unforgettable & unique mystery lunch at a slightly peculiar but ever so "cool" (it's a pun read on you'll get it) surprise location...
But wait.. There's more ! Even if your dream-dater is boring the hell out of you at lunch. We have another action packed mystery date that will be sure to take you for the "ride" (pun again) of your life-time.. And who knows maybe even a grand-finale...

3. 1st mystery date 1 will be at "cool" location of an ice-rink i will have reserved and we will have lunch center ice. ( she has to skate out). Mystery date 2 - rented a ferrari we can take for a "ride" for an hour around a racetrack.. Grand-finale - Im thinking fireworks somewhere somehow still working on this..

What do you think ladies? My aim here is to give make a power play and give her something she just can't say no to. In case you couldn't tell..

  • A. I'd be so impressed/nearly charmed to death. Couldnt say no.
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  • B. Even if I wanted to say no. I still just don't think I could help myself.
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  • C. I am wondering how I could ever possibly decline this offer.
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  • D. All of the above
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  • To be completely honest that's cheesy as hell and I would not be interested.

    • Either that or you would never get the chance to feel so lucky that sucks for you

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    • I have apologized. I mentioned that in there.. And also mentioned that i am looking for a way that displays a fresh start to things... It's not the dishing out money aspect that I am using to win her here, it is the i put a lot of thought/effort/ time into this aspect I am going on... Soooooo, yeah..

    • Alrighty, but you asked for opinions, and my opinion is that it's super cheesy. doesn't make me a bad person.
      There's a chance she won't like it.

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  • The thing is, one date isn't going to change everything. That all sounds fantastic, but you need to realize just because you put one night of thought into things doesn't mean you will be forgiven. It depends on what she is mad about, if it's just a little thing she will be forgive you but if it's a big thing she might enjoy the night but not forgive you. Just don't ask too much from her, you'll have to really show her you've changed and to do that it will take time. But if she's really shallow (which I don't think she is) she will love it and forgive you without a second thought even if she was upset because if something huge.

  • I was smiling while reading this! Haha you should definitely go for it!!! ^~^ it's amazing I would definitely say yes if I was a girl because going out like this for another chance it means true love and is worth giving it a second chance! ^~^

  • It all depends on what the fight was about.

  • Haha nice. I don't know depends on the type of fight. Like cheating or whatever it's a no. If it's a simple disagreement I'd definitely forgive :)

    • Wasn't cheating/domestic abuse or any really bad stuff like that. It was honestly just me acting stupid which caused a few problems and eventually led to a fight. I just want to give this thing a fresh start

  • Absolutely going the Wrong way on a One Way Street, running the ball toward your own goal line!
    All these thoughts are "bait" and advertising/sales promotions for gals in general, smacking more of what a guy would dream to do... NOT a date nor what a gal would cherish.
    Then the matter of sweeping the fight differences under the rug... don't you imagine all that will be drug out after whatever perfect date, even ruin it while in progress?
    See IF she will meet you (so she can escape on her own) at her favorite public place that serves whatever she loves by telling her YOU were WRONG in every way and would like to discuss how to change your thinking & ways to better suit this union.
    NEVER defend what you did, make any reference to that fight be her = 100% correct... if she eventually softens and begins to take your side on some points, defending you... SHUT UP, say thanks but continue to preach how she was right.
    That's the only way to WIN
    Then, only then subtly ask HER either what her ideal date would include or to remember what portions of past dates were most memorable.
    NOW finally you have enough research to plan a 1st date that will be a) mutually agreeable & b) substitute your grand moments for those others placed in her memory

  • I can't answer this unless I know what the fight was about. Otherwise, if it was just minor thing, then anyone of those would work on someone who cares and loves you.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm no lady so I didn't vote but you associated dating with power play which is simply genius. So it's a yes from me!

    by the way I hope you aren't trying to recover from a serious break up reason such as cheating, because if that was the case it's almost definitely not a good idea.

  • Sounds hyper corny o_o