Who is the most interesting / weirdest person you've ever dated?

In terms of personality, appearance, occupation, quirks, habits etc. Has anyone here dated a bullfighter?

Right now, I'm crushing on a pansexual genderfluid. Whyyyy


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  • I met a pharmacist at a rock concert who introduced herself by the name of 'crazy jill'. You'd think that'd have been a red flag but I, coming off a terrible fight with a girl I'd once really cared for, decided to ignore the signs. She was a colorful and entertaining character, babbling about all kinds of different topics.

    Oh and the drugs. She evidently was so drunk one night she didn't remember sending me nudes. But it's ok cause they were 'on the internet anyway'.

    And the next time we met up, after 5 drinks she decided then was the time to pop a benzo. Next thing I know she's swinging off of every guy in the vicinity, who all looked apologetically at me like I was going to be mad at them for her actions.

    As I finally was ready to admit that I had made a questionable call meeting up with this girl and bail, she grabs me and asks if I'm leaving (YES). She asks if I can help her find her car for her cause she doesn't remember where she parked, and she has to work at 5 am (it's almost midnight). I, realizing she's too messed up to even remember her own name, decide I at least owed it to her to make sure she got home alright. 2 hours later I found her car - she had given me the wrong name of the parking lot, and then 'thought she remembered' and we walked 45 mins the opposite direction. On the drive back to her place she tried to give me road head... without warning me first. I almost crashed the car before shutting that down.

    Finally, arriving at her place, I get out, call a cab, and start taking off. She's invited me for coffee but I just want to get the heck out. I'm also 95% confident that her house is actually her parent's house.

    The next day she couldn't believe I didn't want to meet up again. She's now blocked on 3 phone numbers, Facebook, snapchat, and LINKEDIN of all places.

    Never date someone named 'crazy _____'


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  • I used to date this dude who was going nowhere in life. Aspiring dance (but never had a dancing gig in a while) 26 and living in his mama house. Total mamas boy. He wasn't even allowed to have his girlfriend in his room. Owed a lot of people a lot of money. No car. & a cry baby. 7 months before I realize it wasn't for me.


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