Two shy people, does it work?

I've always thought I liked the shy guy. I like a guy with a small social circle, a guy who's quiet, and a guy who only opens up after a while. Someone like me.
I finally met the guy who I thought was perfect, he was attractive and quiet, just what I liked.
But I find that two shy people don't always work. No one wants to initiate. Both people are used to be reached out to, both people are afraid of rejection. This guy and I have gone nowhere because distance caused us to grow apart, and now when he comes home to visit he only hints he wants to see me and never initiates, and I do the same.

But then again I don't like outgoing guys because I always feel boring and shadowed with those types of guys.


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  • One of the two must just overcome the shyness. Just give it time if you really think he's the one.
    I'm not usually shy, but i get a bit shy with this girl.. who's also shy with me. I do initiate conversations sometimes, and she does sometimes too; but most of out time we would be staring w/o talking. But im planning to overcome that shyness and ask her out asap.

    • Yeah it's weird bc before we were introduced my friend told me he was shy. And even though I sort of made the first move by adding him on social media and liking his photos, he asked for my number first and asked to hangout first. But it's like time apart made whatever closeness we formed over the short time disappear, and now they initial shyness is back. It sucks. Best of luck to you!

    • really? that's sad :/
      maybe you two should break the touch barrier and hug xD that may help :)

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  • No, it doesn't work.


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  • A balance can only be found in your opposite, is what i'm beginning to notice.