If you like a girl but don't want her to get the wrong idea, would you feel better about friendship if you saw her dating another guy?

I don't know why you're worried about her getting the wrong idea. Maybe you like her but aren't ready for dating,

Anyhow she's asked you out and you didn't want to say no but you seem worried shell think you want something if you say yes.

So would her dating someone put you at ease as far as her thinking you want something with her? )

IM trying to get to know this guy better but he's been acting weird ever since I ask him out. Nervous and sometimes avoids me.

I've been avoiding seeing other guys bc I don't like dating around and I wanted to finish what I started with "max" . we dated before I left for summer internship. We still liked each other. It was a last minute decision so he was kind of caught off guard. It's been a bit rocky since I've come home. But we're friendly mostly.

However now that I've asked max out max is acting weird. I don't feel like havng a talk with him bc there's no real reason to. He doesn't owe me anything I don't owe him anything but it's snnoying feeling like any time I talk to him he's worrying that I'm going to think he wants something.

There's no one else I like but I'm at the point where if I meet someone i like ill ask him out.

Do you think max would be more amenable to friendship if he knew I was dating someone else?

Thst wouldn't ve my reason for doing it. It's more him jit being open to dating is my reason for doing it. But I just curious if you think he'd RELAX?


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  • Even though this proposal is steeped in over thinking with little research/evidence in the tea bag to serve up a good brew (outcome) ... I can appreciate the theory, however desperate. Best thing a drowning gal like you needs to do is... relax & float (face up).

    Now relaxed, your brain can work the problem
    which begins with research on this guy... none displayed yet.
    Doesn't he have a sister, good buddy, long term classmate/roommate that... for a cup of latte... would spill the beans on what makes this guy tick and what made him willynilly?

    With or without this data, next job would be salesmanship - begins with WHAT is attractive enough to HIM that would draw him closer? Watch, listen, learn, employ and soon this will snowball into your better command over this situation.

    The best idea one dedicates himself to... is an idea one THINKS they cooked up themselves. You are trying to orchestrate HIS idea to date you.

    • I'm not desperate and I'm not tying to sell myself and I dont want to talk about him behind his aback nor do i wish to play games... But thank you for the creative effort :-)

      . I know he likes me so that's not something I need to find out. For whatever reason If he's not ready he's not ready and I'm not trying to change his mind. I just don't want things to be awkward.

      Asi said in the post I simply wanted to know if YOU were in his position and you were not ready to date someone you like, and you know she likes you, would you feel easier being friends with her if she wa dating somoe else?

      I'm not actually ready to date I just wanted to make sure it's not what he ants either. I'd like to be friends and I'm wondering if it'd beasier if I dated other people.

      At least that WAs the question when I asked it. I've now decided we need to clear some things up so I'm jsut going to talk to him about why I rejected him in the past.

      Though I'm still curious. Do you think friendship

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    • Ok thank you for helping :-)

    • My pleasure, hoping for a MH award

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