It's only been 2 months and he's already said he loves me?

He and I met on an online dating site. We immediately hit it off. We went on several dates and in that process we discovered our shared interest and found out that we have the same views on life. Well we became boyfriend and girlfriend shortly after that.

He's crazy about me and has said that he loves me. I know he means it because I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me. He's always attentive whenever I'm around he isn't clingy AT ALL. He gives me my space and vice versa. He tells me a lot how glad he is that I came into his life. He says that he truly feels like deep down I'm the one he is going to marry some day.

I really love him to and basically feel the same way as he does. We are truly a happy couple.

Has anyone else fallen in love with someone shortly after dating?


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  • Yes it can happen.
    If we are very much alike and she is exactly what i am looking for i will love her in notime.
    The more differences there are the longer it will take, partially because it will take longer to figure her out but also because i will have more doubts about our compatibility that i will need to sort out first.

    • That's exactly the situation. He said that I'm exactly what he was looking for.

    • Then i dont doubt he can love you very much.
      Its very possible he cares about you beyond his feelings.

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  • Yes, my high school girlfriend. I loved her before we were even dating. We were just talking, but I knew. Shortly after we were together I told her those words, she said I love you too so fast my head spun lol : )

    • Aww! That's sooo cute. I mean so many people say real love takes time I was a firm believer in that but my boyfriend and I well we clearly didn't fall under that category. I didn't even expect it to happen so soon but it did. He's not perfect but he's perfect for me. Lol

    • : ) I'm happy for you.

  • Yeah, and uh... none of them are together. Remember where you asking.

    • This feels nothing like my past relationships I really feel like we're soul mates.

    • Yeah... Er... Good luck.

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  • Sure-It can really happen! Maybe the smart thing to do, if you are talking about marriage (or he is) is to set a time line, like if you two are together one year from today, then he will propose to you, with the wedding date to be a year after that. I know that sounds like a long time, But it gives you both a chance to know each other better and to explore your future together before you really tie the knot. Wish you both well!

  • I think you should dump him. Oh wait, you're happy? Awesome! I think that's the first time I've heard that around here. How long is love supposed to take? You're old enough to know when something feels different than it has with anyone else. Go with it :)

  • Well I hope it works out for you. Honestly my bf said it that early but I waited a little longer to say it back. It's been a almost a year we've been together. Had our first deep fight the other day and cried it out together. (Mainly me lol) But I don't know we had an online relationship first because my parents didn't want me to date anyone. It's still mainly online since we both work. But he may feel that way and honestly truly love you. I hope so!

    • It took me a bit longer to say it myself. He said it hurt him that I never said it back when he told me. But I told him that I just wasn't ready to say it at that time.

    • That's what I like the most about him is the fact that he's very open and honest with me.

    • That's how I felt. But you know as I got to know him, I started to love him more now I can't imagine life without him and I really hope that works out for you!

  • Ok.. Moving too fast

    • Why do you feel that way? I'm normally the rational thinking type when it comes to things like this but even I can't deny my feelings. I can't help the way I feel for him. So why fight them? We don't see each other every second of the day. Nor do we text or call each other constantly through out the day. I feel like it's a very healthy relationship.

    • Live together and you'll see