Sex with best friend and friend really likes me & met someone Help?

Ok please no judgement I know what I've done is wrong and I've made a mistake but I'm not perfect and nobody is so this Is what happened i had a really bad break up Like the worst ever Then i heard from my best friend who I haven't seen in 4 years and he said he still liked me now i warned him and I told him what was going on & I told him I didn't want to hurt him He said not to worry about it he also known i was trying online dating at the time and had been on a couple of dates But nothing too serious anyway one night one thing lad to another and we had sex and the next time to now I thought Maybe i did feel something but now I'm not sure and there r other things like when i was in Hospital he didn't really care & he used to text morning and goodnight on top of that he went a whole week without saying anything to me When you really Like somebody you don't do that and I don't want to date somebody that does those things Anyways i started talking to this guy & well me and this Guy really hit it off but now i just heard from my best friend and now i don't known what to do i know i made a mess and I fucked up but if anyone has advice I'd really appreciate it Like I said please no judging I'm sure many of you have made mistakes before in your life I know I messed up but I'm trying to fix it.

Oh yes and when I say advice i mean how should I tell my best friend I don't want to hurt him but i don't think thats possible at this point what should I do?
OK so i was thinking and i have aproblem a mean what am i going to say it's not like we Were dating so i can't break up with him I can't have a break up speech and We never did have some talk about what We were the sex just happened and We weren't friends with benefits either and like i said he really really likes me and wants more and i thought I did to for a while so what do i do I've never been in this situation before like i said up top i made i mess so help WHAT DO I SAY?


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  • You're going to hurt him. Get it over with.

    • I realize that that's what I should do but it'hard but thanks for responding.

    • Just be open about it.

    • Yea ok i guess that's all i can really do now but Thanks for not judging me.

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  • Tell him what you're doing isn't right and you want to sabe the friendship.

    • K thanks but is that it? no offense I know I messed up and I know my options are limited but I was hoping that maybe had a little bit of more options of what I could say but thank you for answering.

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    • Okay thanks

    • Your welcome

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  • Well it's not as bad as you think. You told your friend how you felt and it was his decision to then have sex with you, so he has to take responsibility for that. With the new guy, well you have every right to pursue him, you didn't commit yourself to your friend so go ahead.

    • I known but it still feels wrong and even though I know I want him it still doesn't make it right

    • You haven't done anything wrong. You were honest with your friend and he went ahead and had sex with you, yes, it's messy but you have to tell him how you feel and not put off a relationship with the new guy if that's what you want.

    • Yes I know I realize that at least consciously but emotionally it doesn't feel like that, I feel like I've done something wrong, well what r you going to do what's done is done no use crying over spilt milk now anyways I understand what you're saying about waiting to pursue the next relationship you can't make a mask on top of a mess after all.

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