So, ran into a guy I used to know, his friends started teasing him about me?

So this is long but I don't know how else to explain it >

I used to like this guy (like wayy back in high school) and his friends used to tease him all the time, and try and get him to talk to me and/ or be near me etc. he never would, was too shy or something.
ANYWAY I recently helped out with a volunteer Christmas thing, and he and his same friend were there. I was acting in the same scene as them and was asked to be in charge of the lolly bag (it was a long night).
As soon as the bag came into my possession, his friend went "hey *old crushes name*, go over and get us some lollies!" Really audibly. And then later on when I offered them some, his friend declined saying only that "*old crush* can have all the lollies". OH and I also believe that the friend tried to get my old crush to talk to me before we all left, but he again wouldn't.
Now, if it had been a couple of years ago, I would put this down to teasing him because he liked me back because all the behaviour they showed that night was exactly like it used to be, but now I'm unsure. We're all adults, and it's been well over 5 years since anything of that sort has happened.

So my question is, do I put this down to him possibly still liking me, just some fun teasing that means nothing, or what? I'm so lost- help! Haha


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  • Eh, I'd say he likes you, or at least has at least extendly mentioned you to his friends. In five years you may have done a lot of growing up butbit seems like they haven't. I'd reccomend just trying to get the guy alone so y'all could have an actual conversation and seeing where it goes from there