Its been 8 months now and still nothing?

I met this guy in beginning of April 2014 and in the first three months everything was going great, until by August and September he decided to go back with his ex-girlfriend. So I did the No Contact Rule and it didn't even last 3 weeks because he came back really regreting everything. So I decided to give him a second chance in October. From October til now, December, everything has been going better than the past, but since we started from zero in October, I dont know if we are taking things extremely slow or not. Recently, I have been getting mad at him because of social media, like he won't follow me on instagram nor be friends with me on Facebook but he accepts other people and follow people he doesn't even know, and that kinda worries me. Also, I have always been the one going to his apartment and everything, I really want him to know my mom but not for any oficcial reason, just so she can know who I am hangingout with or dating. So I mentioned him that how come you can hang out and go to other places, but when its for me you can't. He said to me that he isn't in a rush to meet my mom. And that makes me really sad because thats the only thing I have asked him and he can't please in that. Because of that situation, he had a discussion and he blocked me on his phone and on whatsapp. I am really pissed about it. Because we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend yet, we do things as a couple but we aren't a couple. I really do like him a lot despite everything.

by the way, I am Puerto Rican, and my culture is way different when it comes to dating and knowing people. My parents are kinda old-fashion and since I trust them and they trust me, they know all my friends and the guys I have gone on dates. So, in my opinion, I dont see anything wrong for him to get to know my mom as a friend and not as boyfriend, It might seem like I am rushing him, but I really wasn't nor that was my intention either.


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  • You are reeeeaaallly rushing the dude, you need to cool your jets and back off because you are coming On too strong... who meets a girls Mom when you aren't even dating... and if you where I'd be for an insanely short time... oh and the socials media stuff to get mad at is silly as fuck I would of dropped you the instant the shit started no one wants drama over such a non issue like instaham and fakebook

    • we are dating, thats the point.

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    • ok, como digas, yo me entiendo. podrás ser criado aquí, pero pues tu familia es distinta a la mía. Y en mi familia, es así.

    • Si tu te entiendes, pero el tampoco lo ve como algo que el quisiera hacer si no hace tiiieeemmmpo que hubiera conocido a tus padres. Como quiera sigue igual es mucha presión que le estás poniendo al pana y lo estás haciendo alejarse de ti si le da un break y no estas encima de el con tanta drama apuesto que todo en su tiempo funciona, recuerda que los hombres y mujeres no piensan igual para na.

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  • If he doesn't want to show the world that you are together, that just means you are a temporary rebound. I don't think there is hope here.

    • Well, I dont know. But when he came back to me, he said clearly that he wanted to take this second opportunity seriously, and he wanted to make things right. So I dont want to see him as a liar yet or anything like, because right now, you all are just giving me different points of view which I appreaciate but I dont want to get to any conclusions yet.

  • So you're not a couple and you want to introduce him to your Mother? I'm not being funny here but I would have the same attitude he does in regard to that.

    I will only ever meet the Parents and Family of a girl I'm in a relationship with. If we're not a couple, I am not meeting her Parents or Family members.

    • peeps, is not even to introduce him, is just so my parents know who he is in person. like i said before, my parents care way too much for me especially with boys ( guys). is not for them to ask him questions or anything like that. -__-

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    • I just have to basically suck it up.. but okay

    • Well you don't have to 'suck' anything 'up' if you do not want to. It's up to you how you proceed from here.

  • he's very chary of anything like commitment, such as meeting your mom... so it' unlikely the relationship will become close anytime soon. You have to decide if you can accept that, and for how long.

    • So, you are trying to say in order words that right now basically I just have to wait for him for whenever he feels ready or prepared to do it? ( I haven't had a boyfriend, so this would be my first experience, he is 24 and I am 19)

    • If he's acting like that at 24, likely he will NEVER be willing to commit.. you have to draw the conclusions!

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