I want to be friends with my ex but does she?

So broke up (albeit unintentionally) in June this year we talked and meet to a few times until the start of September.

We did not communicate for a good 2 months until I sent her a nice email about how she was getting on she did reply to my surprise and it was very nice I sent a reply and reply l that but I didn't get a response to my third email.

Recently I sent a new email wishing a merry Christmas and if she wanted a card from me , she sent one back saying she didn't want a card but the thought was very nice of me.

I just don't know if she wasn't me in her life but I want her in mine even in a small capacity.

Dose she want too be friends?

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  • She is in your life in a small way. You have communication. Don't push it. I do not get an impression she wants you back from what you wrote. Move on.