Does she love, or does she like me, or what? Need your advice.. everyone of you?

So , i`ve talking to this girl for a week , i know it sounds crazy , she is in a different country , we text for 5-10 hours a day , she keeps calling me sweet , she says that i mean too much to her , i fit on her perfect guy list , she sent me a pic and she told me " i will protect the people i love , like you "
and i`m starting to have feelings for , i can`t stand her being sad , and i can`t imagine a day without texting each other , she talked about us visiting each other and i told her maybe next summer and she got happy , i send her hugs and she says that this is her dream , she is so nice , i love her. help

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  • You have feelings for her that quick. ? ;(
    I don't think you truly love her. I think you're in the love stage when you think you love her but it's just all your emotions.
    Honestly I really don't know about her. I don't think she loves you but she might like you.
    How old is she?

    • that`s what i found weird , but i`m feeling attached to her already , i know i`m way past liking her.

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    • Then send your condolences

    • Thanks

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