Uh oh was I too clingy?

Went out with guy first date Friday . Seemed to hit it off, he texted me that night and on Saturday. Friday before we left he suggested meeting on Sunday. Sunday morning I sent a hello, took him a few hours but he responded that he had been running errands. I suggested we meet up and he said he would let me know, then a couple hours later said he couldn't make it (legitimate excuse) but immediately offered a night this week or next weekend and thanked me for being understanding about Sunday. I gave him my availability this week, he said he would confirm after he checks his work schedule this week.

I never ask for the second date and only did it because he suggested Sunday himself. Then I gave him all my days for this week. Ugh. Too needy? Wasn't my intention. I don't want to come off as too chase-y. I won't contact him now unless he gets me first; is this still OK?

Haha he did get back to me yesterday to try to arrange a date. My history the past few months has made me really paranoid...
He ended up being interested in the one thing he wasn't getting. Kicked him to the curb... NEXT! Lol


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  • No, not at all, sweetie, not 'Too clingy' Nor Needy, you have handled all your cards correctly with him. You have him coming back, Interested, not putting you neither on his pay no mind list And-----He suggested Sunday himself.
    You were just following his lead and also by 'All my days for this week,' you were being Considerate. No need to over think it nor tag with a nag Anything... you didn't push any wrong buttons.
    No, no contact until you hear back on his end. It's his turn, his move to 'Push' a button-------After he checks his schedule this week.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand in the man department.. Happy Holidays..:)) xxoo

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  • Don't see any problems there. Guys don't read things into things like girls do. At all.

  • Do you seriously think that being clingy is being honest with a guy about your availability?

  • Sounds like you're still good. It wouldn't bother me at all.


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