Giving a girl my phone number?

The receptionist at my club reacted positively to my advances and I am 90% sure she is interested in me.

Tomorrow my membership expires and I was going to get her to come with me for green tea at Starbucks sometime. I was going to give her my number on a piece of paper as we touched hands before I leave for the last time.

Is this the best way to do this?

I think my wording was poor. I was not thinking of just handing my number to her.

I was going to say that I go for green tea often and that you should come with me next time. If she says yes then I will ask if she knows where to find me. I will then ask for her hand and slip it in there, smile and leave.


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  • If you have this Inkling that without it being etched in stone, blueberry89, that 'She is interested in me,' then it just may be a Fate "Mate' scenario that you both start to get something Moving by having some 'Tea with me' and getting to know one another better Than-----At my club.
    No, I would Not suggest getting off on the wrong foot by just handing her 'My number on a piece of paper' as you do this legwork with 'Tomorrow my membership expires.' It just may show her your True 'Number' and put a sour ball in her mouth that if she Wants to sit down and break bread with your or even play ball with you, She has to do this Initiating... not too inviting from where I am sitting.
    When the paper work is finished, do some flirting, usual friendly chit chat... your 'Business' as usual with her, keep it flowing and going. However, this time around, Ask Her for her Number, if you know there may be some chemistry, and if she bites, then she will hand this over, no hot and cold about it... this way you at least know where you stand and that nothing has been blown or even-----Expired here with her, dear.
    Just tell her it might be nice, being it's the holidays, to go for a cup of cheer and hang out and enjoy some Christmas Cheer.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend you my own hand...:)) xxoo

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  • Just say " I go to Starbucks often and if you would like to join me some time get a hold of me" then hand over your number. That way its her decision whether she wants to spend time with you or not. You may have been reading her wrong so this will be the indication if she's into you or not.

  • I am a receptionist. I don't think this is serious sign. Most of the time I just ignore it. I may interesting but again I think you can do it with any receptionist. The thing is we met many people every day. I think you need to work hard on it. And the ethic of professional is don't go out with any guest. If you really interesting in her. You may have to wait to talk with her after work. Pick her up or something like that. I would believe you are really interesting in me.


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  • That seems a bit immature, especially if the next part of the plan was to scurry away.

    Why not just ask her? And give her your number? If nothing else, you'll seem confident.

  • Well, it's worth breaking the ice by giving her your phone number
    the worst she can do is say she's taken but if you got a good vibes
    and she's single i would say go for it.