Will these things make a girl stop dating you?

Hey everyone, was dating a girl for 2 weeks who I met online. We had tons in common and she lives 15 min away from me. Are first time meeting up it all clicked and we talked for 4 hrs straight. She told me she wanted to take things slow so I agreed, she was the one who took things fast, would call me after work on her lunch met her grandma on date 2nand texted pretty much all day long. We even kissed on date 2 but she told me she wanted to kiss on date 1, she ended it because she said things where going to fast she just got out of a 4 year long relatinship 4 months ago. Anyway here is my question , I am a funny guy in general and I joke around so when we would talk about food I would say ya I eat a lot I can eat 2 tacos and a burrito and of course she would " say yah right no way"! Other time we where talking and I mentioned I had a fridge in my room and she said oh when I come over I like diet root beer and I said " really there is some in there right now, no really" just wisnerint if maybe she didn't like that. Poundering why she would up and end it after everything.


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  • 2 tacos and a burrito? childsplay! anyways lol she probably did mean take it slow and maybe she expected you to help her take it slow as well but you didn't really do that and she maybe thought it be best to just end things.

    • Maybe. One time I asked her to hangout which was when we met up. After that she asked me too meet up for the next 2 times. When she said that things where going to fast I told her let back off then still date but not meet up so often, she said I'm sorry but I don't have enough time for a relatinship right now I'm scared because your the first guy who is super sweet to me and your not the only one having all these feelings

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    • Thanks man. It's nice to hear itnwasnt really my fault. At least I hope not.

    • you didn't do anything wrong. she is just going through something right now.