How to kiss/introduce the kissing topic to a girl that never did it?

So girls, I have been in a long relationship and also with many girls, so i have plenty of experience with that. Now i am dating a younger girl that never had a boyfriend/never kissed a guy. We are starting to have plenty of confidence in each other, but given the fact she never kissed a boy I want to know your opinion on how shall i introduce the topic while talking and how shall I try to kiss her... etc..

thanks for the help


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  • I had my first kiss at homecoming this year. While it all seems cute let me put down some rules from the girls perspective, so you don't ruin it for her like this guy did for me.
    1. Take her somewhere quiet.
    Examples, maybe go for a walk when the street lights come on ask her if you could kiss her under the street light.
    2. Do not make her feel like she did anything wrong. This is her first kiss, it should be special.
    3. Make her laugh and smile for the rest of the night so she doesn't feel like she made a mistake.
    We were dancing. He asked me over and over if he could kiss me, he did, and then he went home.
    Do NOT expect her to makeout with you until she in comfortable with little pecks. My ex did that to me and I was and still am not ready to makeout with him. Everyone is different but it's a way to look at it. We broke up because he pressured me.
    Moral of the story, don't pressure her. Make her completely comfortable and give her a moment she will remember forever.


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  • I would think you would just kiss her like you would a girl who did have experience, you could always ask if you could kiss her though

    • Yeah but wouldn't it be better to introduce the topic first? and how many times should i be with her before doing it?

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    • Are you seriously waiting to get married to kiss or are you just jocking?

    • I'm serious, I did kiss my ex but with my current bf we are choosing to wait till our wedding day :)

  • What is the age difference?

    • The age difference is 2.5 years...

    • How old are you and she exactly? Is she comfortable around you and how long have you guys been seeing eachother?

    • I am 20 she is 17 almost 18.. For 1 week and a few days

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  • Jollygoodshow got it perfect. But also if u talk to her about kissing that might help! I was in the exact same situation