How to handle dating two girls at a time?

I'm dating one of them from October and start dating the second one from last week.
The most important thing for me is not let them find about each other because I have a plan to break up with the first one before the new year.
Also its my first time that I'm dating more than one girl and I want to try it and find how it works.


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  • why would you plan a time to break up with someone? if you want to break up with them do it now. it's a real jerk move to already have checked out of the hotel but not straighten out your bill.

    • How to break up just right now with no reason? It needs some time to explain her how I feel about our relationship and future.

    • well if you have no reason to break up with her now then why do you have a plan in place to break up with her by the end of the month? if you have the reason now then why prolong the inevitable which is both careless and selfish. a break up is going to be hard no matter what but delaying it will certainly make it worse. if you know you're going to break up with her by the end of the month do her a bit of a favor and courtesy and break up now... rather than just using her as a test to see what dating two women is like

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  • That is y I get hoes in different area codes, so they will never know

    • What else than distance you take care to don't get caught?

  • Just break up with her now you coward.

    • Its not easy as you said. Needs time and long talk.

    • No it's quite easy. You say I'm with someone else, it's over. I'm a jackass and you deserve better.

  • Ok... I just have one question. Why not breakup with her now? Will you enjoy seeing her sad in the last days of this year and a while in the next year , or something?

    • Because we had good times together and I think we can continue for at least another week. And no I don't want to see her sad but also have no good reason to break up with her now.

    • But come on, you'll basically ruin her Christmas and New Year. No matter how much you plan the break up, it will be bad.

  • How do you break up with someone you are not in a relationship with lol. Dating is not exclusive

    • The line between relationship and dating is not so clear.

    • Yes it is clear. If a guy does not ask a girl to be exclusive it's not a relationship

    • I don't need to ask a girl to be exclusive I rather to let her find she is exclusive based of my acts.

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  • When (not if) caught, you will be roasted, while they may remain friends... plenty of examples such as Eddie Fisher.
    So when playing with fire, make a decision who is the keeper... seems that can be checked off.
    Then waste NO time getting both feet in the preferred boat before both sink.
    Even if experienced in this, you are not match for gals who are bloodhounds sniffing out convicts like this.

    Your best chance would be if you dated each in a different town, a dedicate phone for each that stays locked up when dating the other but even all this comes undone.

    • You mention a good point about getting caught didn't think about it before.

  • This is so selfish. You are just playing with another persons feelings and emotions which is so wrong. You would not want someone else to do this to you and if a girl did you would say so many really mean things about her it wouldn't be funny. Nice way to be a double standard.

    I bet if you had a sister you wouldn't want a guy to do that to her. Then why is it okay to do that to someone elses sister? Short answer, IT'S NOT

    • I didn't promise her to be with her exclusively and if she thinks something else its from her imagination and has nothing to do with me.

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    • Do you know how stupid you sound right now? When you read back through this several years from now you are going to be embarrassed by your disgusting behavior. Only 5 girlfriends? Oh poor you how does that have anything to do with either of these women that you are treating poorly? It doesn't you have something broken inside of you and you need to get counseling instead of using women to try to validate whatever part of you that you don't like.

    • Can't explain more here. But your last sentences are correct.

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