Is this a normal age to settle down when going out to the bar or is he settled down because of me?

My bf is 24 and he use to like to party which who doesn't ha.. not sure if he was that way with his ex gf as well. Which he was 18-22 when they were dating. He broke up with her cuz he didn't love her anymore and she cheated on him. Sometimes when we to to the bar a few people have said he mellowed down. His response was I'm getting old. Or could it be he actually is ready to settle down with me? Or do peiple sometimes settle down around this age?


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  • His age is normal.
    Some people take a little longer... more towards late 20s and early 30s.
    I settled down at an even younger age than him.
    Everyone is different.
    Settling down is more about maturity than it is about age.
    So you will find no set number.
    Everyone is ready... when they r ready.


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  • I'm his age, bars aren't fun to me anymore either.


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  • I don't understand