He wants to take it slow?

Ok- so met a nice guy. we talked for a few months, then we jumped further than normal-into bed a few times. All was good, then one day he stated we need to slow down. I talked calmly, hey I'm not trying to push you into anything. lets just roll with the punches and just have fun.
is he interested if he is still pursuing- he had been forced into relationships prematurely (got a girl pregnant) before, and comes from a messed up family background.
Should I just continue to have fun with options open or just throw it away? he said he's interested and is now starting to feel comfortable with me but in past he "played house" very soon into relationship- I told him listen, I'm not doing that. I like my space and want to take it slow myself.

latest: his new one is I been on his mind a lot more, I asked what do you mean. he said I don't know. i'll let you know soon. I guess I'm in


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  • if it's only fun and no feeling involved then keep going
    cause if you have feelings for him it won't take long
    obviously he is scared of relationships
    so i say keep going with the having fun !!

    • its getting more interesting- he's opening up more. but both have a wall up- both been hurt. so two broken souls together, going slow.
      its fun, and thank you love bug!

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  • If he's still hanging around an communicating I'd say he's still interested

  • maybe he dont wanna mess anything up. he still likes you


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