Very literally, how do you ask a girl out on a first date?

i always build up the first date to be something much more formal and serious than it should be or is. what do i say, how do i say it, where to go, what will she say, does she even like me...

by the time i see her to ask, I've thought myself into a nervous wreck and either chicken out completely or stumble through this awful generic scripted proposal. no confidence, no real plan.. like im asking for a favor instead of a date. that or i rush through it just to get it over with. either way its ugly. i just can't seem to shake the nerves.

so its a vague question, but still a question. girls, guys... how do you ask someone out for a first date. what do you say, how do you say it, where do you go. am i the only one who gets this nervous?


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  • Just ask her in person privately if she wants to hang out some time. If she says says give her your number and plan the rest of it from there.


    Ask her if she wants to do something and specify. Some good ideas are
    Then trade numbers and plan time and date


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