He didn't text or call me for my birthday, is this it between us? Please read?

I've had a friends with benefits relationship with him for 6 months we really liked each other and got along well for the most part. Last week we stopped talking over a disagreement we had because I felt like I was the only one putting effort in to the friendship. I later apologizeed, but he never responded. Today is my birthday & I haven't heard from him. Even a guy I knew for a shorter amount of time texted me happy birthday. I'm not sad about it or anything, I'm just wondering is this a clear sign that we may not ever talk again and our friendship is over? Please don't tell me to call him because I already did my part & reached out, so that's not happening. Thanks for reading.

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  • I think it's over between the two of you unfortunately but it's his loss at the end of the day!!! There's plenty of fish in the sea :-)


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  • it sounds like you were more fuck-buddies than friends with benefits .