She's No Longer Interested In Me Or Busy With Exams?

Last month my friend and his girl invited me out for her friend’s bday. I didn't go but she got my FB we exchanged numbers. She’s refers to as cute and babe before we met. That week we met at a café and got to know each other before going bowling with my friend and his gf. We all then went to a bar. I had my arm around her and her hand on my leg. We walked her to her apartment and she kissed my cheek.

She text me after I’m cute. The next week we all went for ice cream then I took her to a movie. I had my arm around her during it. We went to a café after then I walked her home. She text me asking I got home okay. Since then she doesn’t text me much and when I text her it doesn’t last long and tells me she’s busy. She did tell me that she has exams and goes MIA during them.

Last week I text her goodluck on her exam and all I got was thanks. Another day I wished her goodluck with the studying and when I asked when it was she told me and said she’s turning off her phone now. She’s leaving for a month and told me we won’t be able to see each other before she leaves due to exams and the night before she leaves she is going out with her roommate.

She then said maybe we can all go for drinks when she comes back and told me she’d text me later and she didn’t. I text her today asking about her weekend and she’s been busying studying and is stressed. I said she’d be on vacation next week , she replied ya and I said she’d be having lots of fun and she never replied.


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  • Only time will tell. No, but seriously, she doesn't seem that interested. If I liked I guy I would want to be around him a lot, which down't seem to be the case for her. Just back off for a while and let her initiate something if she wants to, don't do all the work, just to be ignored. And if she doesn't, then you have your answer.


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