He got a text from a girl at 11 at night should I be concerned?

I was with my boyfriend this past weekend spending time with him and his family that came to visit when he suddenly gets a text from a girl named Jennifer. She texting him simply saying "wyd".

I didn't do or say anything at the time I just played it off like I didn't see it. I just cuddled next to him and he was like "wassup"? Which I thought was strange... He kept asking that and I was like nothing.

I waited until we were alone when I asked him about the girl. He claims it's a friend he's known for years that suffers from severe depression.

Does this seem suspicious?


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  • wyd= Want Your Dick.

    • Actually wyd= What you doin?

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    • Yeah I'll keep a look out. Over all though things are good between us. I just don't want it to head in that direction things are going so well I'd be heart broken if he's talking to other women on the side after all the things we've discussed.

    • If he is a backstabbing asshole it's gonna feel like a major betrayal but it's his doing not yours! But you're a big girl so I'm sure you'd smell a rat if there was one, plus you have women's intuition on your side! lol

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  • I would give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. I don't think a guy would just make that shit up right off the bat. a girl with severe depression.

    • It was weird how he did it though. He opened up the text message then immediately closed it out. I was sitting right next to him so I don't know if he was clearing it out so I wouldn't see it. Then I I just cuddled up next to him and he turned to me right after like "wassup"? His reaction to me was just weird after that.

    • maybe he did in fact not want you to know about her but she could still remain to be a girl who is just a friend fighting severe depression. ya know?

  • Unless the "wyd" was code for "want your dick", then you need to chill.

    • I feel the same way. Outside of that incident our relationship is great. I feel he wouldn't cheat on me so I just may be looking too much into this.

  • Yeah, I'd be suspicious if it was me. Receiving a text at 11 at night from a girl and then acting weird about it!


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  • Be your own detective, for if something is Not smelling good in Denmark and "Strange," then it could be his attention is being focused elsewhere With--------He kept asking that and I was like nothing.
    Keep an eye on his actions and his words to boot. If out of the blue here comes a skeleton whom was once in the closet and is Now, out and about to possibly rattle your own chains, then don't allow him to be this Enabler for the past, while you sit on your hands with your head in the dark, Not ever opening up your mouth as the two of them Catch up on old times and he becomes her Personal----Doctor indeed Need.
    If it would come down to 'Opening' the door to more that you would need to tell him you know about, then tell him there isn't room for Her and You-----Two is company, three is a crowd and this one, Not a 'Crowd' pleaser.
    Good luck. xx