Does he like me or am I in the friend zone?

so we are friends and everyone thinks he likes me and I like him but im not sure... we talk everyday and we are comfortable with each other... he has given me a ride home from school and has asked for help on homework and we went out to lunch about a week ago... does he like me as more than a friend?
oh and he has a girlfriend but they are not serious i don't think, she goes to a different school and he rarely talks about her..

what should I do? I really like him...


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  • whether he likes you or you are just a friend doesn't matter as soon as the "he has a girlfriend" line comes out. at that point, YOU should friend zone yourself. I know feelings develop whether you want them to or not, but put yourself in the other girl's shoes... how would you like to know your boyfriend talks a lot to someone who has feelings for him? Show a little decorum hon, try to bring the feelings down and especially DONT act on it.


What Girls Said 1

  • you should show his girk friend some respect and back off.

    • wow apparently you didn't hear the they are not serious part and that he never talks about her unless somebody asks him...