Im never going to find love?

I know i know you probably all think oh you will meet one someday. But honestly i dont think i will.
Im 22 and never had a boyfriend. I've always had crushes on guys and dated jerks.
I have been on 5 real dates with the same guy and at the end he said he wasn't looking for anything serious because he had no time.. he was perfect.

I dont know where to meet guys, I've tried dating sites.. tinder.. bars.
I just honestly feel like there is no man out there for me.. all my friends have a boyfriend and here i am always alone. I dont know what to do.. life is lonley being alone all the time.. i try to keep myself busy everyday but at the end of the day im tired of coming home to an empty home.

I dont know what to do.. i tried tinder again but my friend was like stop being desperate.. and i dont want to be desperate.. but the normal way i doubt ill find someone.

How do i cope with this?


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  • You are asking the right question "How do I cope with this?". The answer is you don't. Period. You accept the way things are, you accept yourself. If you can't be happy with/by yourself, then trust me, a relationship is not for you. Don't you know the people that usually "look" attractive are the people that enjoys their life in some ways? The people that love themselves. If you think that you are not going to be happy without a boyfriend then chances are, guys won't come up to you because you will emit this depressed vibe all over. Now would you want to be with a miserable person? Build a life that would be interesting for guys to join in and you won't have to "go up to guys".

    You will find love, most people do, but never with that mindset. Build in yourself qualities that you want from a man. You are 22, you are not old, just try to be happy with whatever is going on with your life. Your friends have a boyfriend, but ir is not a guarantee that they are happier than you, being in a relationship has troubles as much as being alone does if not more.

    If you cannot be happy by yourself, you have no right to bring someone else to your unhappy life.

    • You are right. Thank you :)

    • You're young, don't worry too much. You have quite a lot of time. Just don't feel pressurized by your surroundings. Better to wait a bit then spend a long time in a relationship with a jerk. Trust me, you'd better off alone than that.

      Good luck! :)

    • You are right! and im all about the whole in right time good things will come:)

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  • First of all, I always dated jerks'' Thats probably a good sign that you are not searching at the right place. Bars and clubs are good if you want sex etc... But finding the right guy and developping a long term relation in clubs is a bad idea.

    And '' I dont know what to do?'' here's my tip. Its comming from a guy that is 20 in 13 days, and never dated/ kissed/ had a GF. Stop caring. Seriously, stop giving so much importance to that. Its just hurting you. You should never be desesperate, especially not at your age.

    Do I wish sometimes I had a GF? sure
    Would I give everything to be with a sweet and nice girl for the rest of my life? sure!

    But so far, the opportunity didn't came. And its not affecting me in the slightest. Just be happy with that. Stop trying too hard on dating site, stop trying to ''forget'' the fact that you are single, and be happy with it! there's nothing wrong about it, your 22. Just dotn make a stupid mistake, and date an ass hole because you are too lonely. Search at the right place and stop giving it so much attention, and im sure you will feel way better, just like me ! :)

    • Thank you ! I just need a reality Check at times !

    • Dont worry, I know how you can feel sometimes. But just stay awesome, nice and sweet and there will be plenty of guys who will like you. Just dont rush it and waste your time with jerks :)

  • Hey, I'm soon 20 and I haven't ever had a relationship with anyone, been to a single date, ever had a real friendship with a girl, gotten a kiss or even gotten a hug from one.
    What I'm trying to say is that we can all be unlucky in finding someone to be with, some are harder to find than others, it all hopefully just a matter of time.
    I've just come to the mindset of trying to befriend anyone I can and hopefully someone will someday want to get close to me. =P

    • guess you are one of the lucky ones lol

    • In what way is what I say being lucky. I would say it's more me just trying to stay sane and not start to see myself as worthless.

  • First of all, trust me, none of that "you'll find someone" stuff is bullshit. It's true. Just keep trying. Trust me, if you've dated guys, then tell them: "Hey, if you're gonna be a douchebag, tell me firsthand."

    If you don't try to find someone and want to cope with it, I would suggest cats, but option 1 is preferable.

    • I dont know.. i just really feel it.. im not going to find him.

    • not with that attitude you won't. you should listen to the anonymous guy.

  • Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died! The end.

  • I wasn't thinking "you will meet someone someday", at the rate you are going, seems like you won't. I have a question, when you meet a guy you might like (in person, forget the online stuff), what do you do? do you go up and have an engaging conversation that could lead to him gaining an interest and asking you on a date?
    Or do you meet a guy, only say "hi" and hope that he will get shot by Cupid's arrow and just like you back instantly based off one word?
    which is it? oh and engaging conversation is waaaay different from a simple conversation.

    • I dont go up to guys.. i mean no one comes up to me.. im not unattractive but its seems like they are all shy.

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    • Im also a bit afraid of commitment.. im so independant and use to be alone all the time i dont know how it is to be a gf

    • yea... but it is not embarrassing for him to go up to you (sarcasm)
      its a risk guys take and now you have to take it. and so what if he has a gf? relationships don't start out of the blue like striking a match.
      you start off as a "girl" who is communicating with him --> girl
      -then it moves on to you becoming a "friend" ----> girl friend
      -then more feelings get involved and you get closer ---->girlfriend
      and about not knowing how to be a gf, don't worry about that, just follow his lead. if you aren't doing something right, he'll let you know.
      i think somewhere between the "girl" part and the "girl friend" part, he'll let you know if he has one. unless he is a cheater, then in that case, you don't want that.

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