I'm worried this girl might be too much for me on a sexual level any thoughs?

everything else about her seems rather normal for her age and her desire for sexual intimacy is normal as well I guess. I meet her at a bar and she seemed to like me , she's like maybe 20 ? and is a gymnast or been heavily involved with gymnastics for a number of years. and has a good looking body as well.

anyways I ran into her Twitter page yesterday and saw some things on it that worried me as to her sexual desires and if I could even handle dating her. some posts of half naked celebrities like Justin bieber and nik Jonas. but also a pic of a guy and girl having sex and her comment was she wants this. also a post that she can't wait till she doesn't have to sleep alone.
I just wonder if I could even handle dating her or be able to keep pace with her on a sexual level. I can only imagine the things she could do in bed and her level of flexibility. and she seems to have a very strong desire to have sex. not that I don't want to have sex with her its just I worry it might be more than I'm ready for


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  • Tell a Black men to teach u boo boo


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  • Dive in, kiddo. You're completely psyching yourself out! This is just the result of your brain working overtime

  • GAWD you're thinking way too hard about this. You have a penis... she has a vagina. I PROMISE you just so long as it's fully functioning she's good to go.


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