Girlfriend and I got in a fight I'm thinking of breaking it off?

Just need some space from her. We got in a fight and I apologized for saying some things but I said before that I need some space. I think she thinks since I apologized I disregarded that u need space. She keeps inviting me places. Im thinking about breaking it off.


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  • Relationships take work there 100/100 from both people. "The best relationship are the ones that go through everything meant to tear you apart but at the end make you stronger." Maybe your just not ready to be in a relationship right now until you can learn that no relationship is perfect but when two people truly love each other will do anything to make things work. Although some people just aren't meant to be together I guess you really need to think if you love her or not.


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  • Break it off, you're immature & needing "space" always means you're chasing snatch or attention elsewhere.

    • Not getting attenton elsewhere. I need space because I don't know of I'm making the right choice or making a huge mistake.

    • That is something I need time to determine.

    • Of course it does @GingerBisquits... (roll eyes)

  • How often do you see her

    • We are long distance only see each other every month or so.

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    • You in a long distance relationship too?

    • I wouldn't call it long distance he just lives in another town

  • Break it off or "Shake it off"


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