Is this girl looking at me because she is interested in me or is it something else?

In one of my classes there is this girl that I like in there. the desks are split up so there are about 15 seats on each side of the room so both sides are facing towards each other. she makes eye contact with me a lot. Today I caught her staring at me. We made eye contact for about 5 seconds then we both looked away. I know she isn't just zoning out or looking at someone else because I sit in the back seat of the opposite row across from her and I can tell she is making eye contact or just looking at me. I want to wave at her or something but I get too nervous. She is so beautiful. I have somewhat low self esteem because I thin myself ugly or something but I may not be.


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  • I have been looking at my crush allday in that class we share. Try casually saying hi, I know I am too scared to say it myself so so may she. Just try to talk and let her know you are interested a bit, but don't practically write I LOVE YOU on your forehead because that'll said creep vibes and creep vibes aren't fun my friend, trust me I have faced it


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  • Maybe she's looking at you because you're staring at her. She's just returning your glance

    • I just glanced ove in that area and noticed she was staring at me.

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  • She digs you, tap that.
    Just kidding. If you don't conquer your self esteem now, you'll regret it when your older, trust me.
    do your best bud ! I believe in you ! Just start with a smile and a greeting !

  • If you're too nervous to wave, how about a nice smile at her? Or if you build up the confidence, a wink could take you a long way.

    It's likely she likes you back though... if she smiles back at you, go speak to her.