Does he like me or just being friendly?

I've known this guy for about 3 years know, ever since he moved here. We've been in the same french class up until this year. We found out that we have very similar taste in music and like the same bands, and he said that I was the coolest person he knew. We've been texting for a while, but not consistently. We also don't have any of the same classes together this year, but everytime we see eachother in the halls, he always smiles and waves at me.

I don't know, am I thinking too deep about this or is he just being friendly?


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  • Depends, he might like you. Sounds similar like me and my friend lol and she is also in French class except we are seniors. Maybe give some eye contact or flirt or tease him and see what happens and go from there


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  • Depends. If you've known each other for three years, he might just want to be friends. Unless, of course, he's too nervous to make a move


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