So guy friends are confusing?

I have never hung out with just a guy before, I've hung out with a group of girls and guys but not just guys. I was talking to my former best friend (we're still friends just don't talk that much anymore) about how I talk to a guy almost every day. We don't like each other and we usually talk to each other about our crushes.

My friend said that me and him should just hang out sometime. I said NO and she was confused because "if we're good friends then why not?" I just told her that I'd be awkward, but I'm actually kinda scared to...

His crush just rejected him and I don't want him to fall for me or me to fall for him since we text almost everyday... I don't know what to do... Just keep doing what I'm doing and just talk?

Have other people just hung out with a guy before (girls)?


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  • He could see you as a friend. Don't assume he likes you.

    • Right now I'm assuming he doesn't, I just hope he doesn't start liking me...

    • crushes don't change overnight, so you are probably okay.

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  • Maybe back off a bit? Maybe make it clear you're not interested? Don't let him go so far that you have to reject him. Horrible.

    • Recently we talk a lot about my crush, he knows that I am soo gone for my crush...

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    • Really? Might have to watch it then!

    • Well, warning: some jumps cares. And it's an old movie and the beginning is dull

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