How can I deal with a guy that has trust issues?

This guy that i had sex doesn't trust girls at all he says that the all lie and are sneaky i feel like a girl he loved before hurt him he is also emotionless he doesn't like being close like cuddling he doesn't want a relationship. But im a good girl i wish he could see that im loyal & would never try to hurt him


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  • There's nothing you can do except be yourself. It is something he has to change about himself. Been there, done that. Felt like all women were all snakes and kind of hated them, it was rooted from constant verbal abuse from my mom. I just snapped out of it one day, felt tired of pushing everyone away and started embracing every girl.

    So yeah... you can be there for him but ultimately he has to change his views himself. If he doesn't improve over time, you should really consider moving on. It's gonna start being unhealthy for you too.

  • There are lots of bad examples on TV of girls being bad people. Maybe if you express your trust towards him, he'd feel the same way.


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