I told her how I felt about her?

Tonight I just told this girl how I felt about her, I said I couldn't keep my feelings from her any longer, she didn't say anything, in fact she said she had to go and wasn't good at sharing her feelings. Then like 10 min later she called me, basically to say nothing. Then like an hr later she sent me like 6 texts in a row not really saying anything about what I just told her. Im really confused. I feel like its a no but why would she call and text me so much after the fact.


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  • I think you may have caught her off gaurd. I don't know if she likes you or not. But she may just not know how she feels yet and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. I think it depends on how long you have been dating this girl. I know that if I hadn't been seeing a guy for very long, and/or was unsure of my feelings for him, I would have been a little put off by this, and felt awkward and probably would have tried to find a way out as well. But she did tell you she wasn't very good at sharing her feelings which may be a good sign.

  • you just gotta ask her to be honest with you about whats up. thats the only way to stop the wondering and "maybe it means..." going through your head

    P. S good for you! glad you put it out there


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